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About us

Max Sakiewicz (Suh-Kev-Itch) 

Max began his SaaS Sales career at PandaDoc after completing the notorious Discover Praxis program. Starting as a contractor, he flew through the ranks to become one of the first Outbound Sales Development Representatives (sourcing the 2nd largest outbound deal in company history) at PandaDoc and consistently producing over 200%+ of his monthly targets.


Quickly following, he was promoted to PandaDoc's first-ever Outbound Account Executive team, leveraging his success there to thrust him into Manager and then Senior Manager heading up all of PandaDoc's sales development function. He then moved on to a new role at, Branch, as their Director of Sales Development building out the entire team and opening up a new Tampa office.  


Now, Max and the team are building out a 'Sales Platform' called SalesCast to unlock the insights and tips that helped them hit quotas month over month and build a community of salespeople while providing exclusive interviews with the leading sales professionals in the tech space.

Luke Ruffing 

Following success on the golf course with over a dozen junior tournament wins, Luke needed to find another arena to compete in after high school. What better place than the only performance-based career outside of sports? Inside Sales. 


Luke got his start qualifying inbound website requests and jumped at the chance to lead a newly-formed outbound SDR squad where he was thrown into the deep end to sink or swim…. 30,000+ dials, and a 4-year unbroken streak of never missing quota, while holding the #1 Sales rep at PandaDoc title for 2 straight year while also getting the phone slammed on him 1000’s of times, he's ready to share the hard-earned secrets that are required to break into the elite Seven Figure Club.


Not limiting himself to just an Individual Contributor Role, he has transformed himself into one of the most sought after Mentors by guiding new reps with tactics and strategies but also mentalities that have helped them unlock their full potential. Luke plans on bringing the same insights to SalesCast that helped the top reps succeed.

Jed Mahrle 

Jed started in sales straight out of high school as an Outbound SDR. He quickly became the top rep in 2020 and helped build out the outbound process. In 2021, Jed was promoted to manage a team of 3 SDRs which quickly scaled to 18 by the end of the year. 


During that time, he’s created the Practical Prospecting newsletter with over 10k weekly readers. He’s joining SalesCast to to help share his insights on outbound prospecting.

The Crew:
Max Sakiewicz

Director of Sales Development @ Branch

Luke Ruffing

Partnerships Executive @ Builtfirst

Image from iOS.jpg
Jed Mahrle

Manager of Outbound Sales Development @ PandaDoc

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