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Best Way To Prospect Using LinkedIn Messenger

The other day I was scrolling through LinkedIn and stumbled upon Patrick Down's post asking folks what the best ways they used LinkedIn Messenger to prospect and sell were.

So, I thought back to my last few months as an SDR and remembered how I used messenger. For the bulk of my prospecting career, I didn't really use LinkedIn until the last few months, but I saw some really great results and an increase in replies by at least 10X.

Be warned though, it takes a lot of work and is highly targeted and researched prospecting. So naturally, it will take a lot more work than spam emailing 10 thousand prospects.


My LinkedIn Prospecting Steps

  1. Search for posts that are in the target market of your product/service

  2. Find posts that revolve around a specific topic your product/service is in

  3. Go to the comments and interact, like and comment, etc

  4. After you do that, then look at the other commenters and note down which ones are in your ICP

  5. Then reach out to them on LinkedIn Messenger, reference the post, their comment, and who you are

  6. Continue the conversation from there


Being totally upfront here, my process for this was tested for about 3 months before I moved into a closing role. That being said, I saw some great potential in my results and I know for 100% certainty that all you savvy prospectors out there can level this process up.

Example Screenshots Below.




One meeting booked, one reply.

Feel to reach out to me here if you have any changes you would have made or if you want some help creating something like this for your role.

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