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I Got Ripped a New One My First Week In Sales

In 2019, my first week as an Outbound SDR, I had a Director of Sales absolutely rip me a new one on an automated email I sent out to him.

Going back to my post around flanking from the other day, Here, I ended up flanking this guy and booking his boss on a demo.

I'll never forget his response to my email. Instead of getting pissed or upset about his response, I laughed and actually enjoyed how much he hated my email and how poorly he treated me.

Not sure if that is a normal response, but it worked for me.

Email Below


"Hi Max,

Thanks for reaching out to me. I’m not interested in anything you’re offering, but a heads up your email is terrible.

Let’s examine below:

I'm emailing you because I was looking for proven leaders within Terrapinn. With a quick rise through the ranks, you were hard to miss.

Did you even look at my LinkedIn? If you did, you’d know I’ve only worked here for four months and was brought in as a Director of Sales, as this was my position at another events company where I did rise through those ranks.

Since you're in the sales space, I know Terrapinn wants to upgrade how they build proposals.

You know? Haha. You didn’t even look at my LinkedIn profile, I know you know absolutely nothing about my company and our sales process. You should try to understand your potential clientele sales processes before assuming anything.

Before, reps would attach a PDF, maybe an eSign, and send an email hoping to close the deal.

WTF? Think about this, why would I send an email and “hope” it closes the deal. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve read all week. I’m not sending proposals to anyone without have an inclination that it’s going to close. Why would I do this? It’s a complete and utter waste of time (just like responding to this email) to send a proposal and not having any assurance it will be returned to me. If that’s the case I have no business being in my position, industry or teaching others how to sell products in the first place. I’m not in the business of sending proposal emails and hoping the business sticks.

Instead of crickets, what if you can track what your client is reading and when?

Now with PandaDoc, Terrapinn reps can create, send, and sign proposals in minutes instead of hours.

Since you can track what happens to your proposals, expect a 28% increase in close rates.

Is this something that interests you?


Here is the deal as I did look at your LinkedIn:

You have this in your own executive summary, “I firmly believe that improving your personal life and growing your career comes down to paying attention to the small details, and that clearly shows in not only my personal life, but also all of the work that I continue to do.”

Yeah that clearly wasn’t demonstrated here today, you should probably remove this or reevaluate your stance. Seems as if you don’t even follow your own rules, as you didn’t pay attention to any details before sending me this email. It’s quite obvious you’re phishing for leads and solely relying on a spray and pray sales/marketing method. Here is some advice, if you really want to be an Entrepreneur|Innovator|Risk Taker (again this is from your LinkedIn) take the time to attack your target audience by personalizing your approach and actually doing some research. That’s what people want and who they will buy from, you have no idea what my needs are or even my background. Come on, this is absolutely pathetic and you should be ashamed of the lack of research and lack of attention to detail….


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