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Quick Script for Dealing with Prospects that want to Start with a Smaller Package

As a follow-up to the podcast, here is the script that I covered in detail which you can find here.


Sounds like you want to start with (x) amount of users?

(prospect confirms)

When do you want to roll this out to the rest of your team?

"I want the Initial users to start now and the second set we want to start on {timeline} so everything runs smoothly, to begin with"

Sounds like you need this to be easy to use for the rest of your team?

"Yeah like I said, we've had some issues in the past with adoption so we just want to make it as easy as possible"

Happy to get you guys started with the (x) amount of users........

I'm curious, what would be the impact if we could everyone up and running?

Well I think this will (gives the impact of why they are purchasing your service), but as I said, we have had issues in the past with software adoption"

Well the reason I ask, is it sounds like what you guys want to do is (repeat back their ideal scenario)


I'm a little hesitant to bring this up, but our goals for Q(x) are focused around “adoption” and we had our Finance team present about the importance of onboarding and how the larger the teams are at the start, the less likely they are to churn, so they offered us a price unlock if we can bundle teams together

(feel free to input any story that makes sense for your business case, no need to lie using my specific finance presentation story)

I don't know if you guys are interested in seeing that pricing?


As I said in the podcast, the goal of all my scripts, including this one, is to uncover or confirm the real objection.

In this case, it could be a few:

  • Will we be able to logistically onboard all (x) users, are there any concerns from the prospect?

  • Payment terms, it could be a Cash Flow issue. If it is, you can leverage different payment terms. (Bi-Annual, Quarterly)


Max Sakiewicz

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