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The Key to Prospecting Using Sales Navigator

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

LinkedIn is a great place to connect with professionals, search for new job opportunities, or even post some unique content. This was my original view of LinkedIn until a few months ago. My main use of LinkedIn was either searching for a job or trying to connect with someone who could help get me a job. Once I secured an SDR job, LinkedIn changed for me. Now, not only was this a social media platform to search for jobs and connections but is also an ocean of untapped prospects waiting to be connected with.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the only source of prospecting I use. Other companies may have access to other sales software packages, but Sales Nav is what I roll with. We initially had some basic training on how to use the tool in my first week and a half of onboarding. Pretty simple; search for a title you wish to connect with, filter, and go. My typical searches usually lead to thousands of prospects to run through. I have some specific attributes I look for and when I find a potential prospect, I unleash a very powerful tactic called...hitting the connect button. No special messages or fancy tactics, just hit connect and on to the next. Doing some digging beforehand, LinkedIn did a study on the chances of an invitation being accepted and what really surprised me was that your connection request is more likely to be accepted without a personalized message attached.


With this knowledge, all I do is go through page after page of potential prospects hitting connect and moving to another prospect. I try to clear at least 50 pages a day, looking for potential targets on each search. Once I open my laptop the next day, I have a fresh list of new connections I can add to my call list for the day. My experience with this has been great, booking 5 demos just today using this strategy. The call is usually much warmer than a traditional cold call, now that the prospect can put a face to the name. I've been rinsing and repeating this strategy and it has lead me to be the top-performing rep on my team. Quality prospecting leads to quality conversations.


In summary, Sales Nav is a great tool to reach out to new prospects. There are thousands of connections waiting to be made. Just filter the criteria you're looking for in a potential prospect, make the connection, call them, give your value prop, book them, repeat.

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